Grayson Perry: "I love fakes for they make us think about what it is we see in the authentic. About how much of our awe in front of a great historical artefact is in its inherent beauty and how much is to do with its auspicious provenance."

GRAYSON PERRY - creating ceramic urns to present his art is definitely individual

Grayson Perry in a yellow outfit and makeup

Grayson Perry: ‘Just because you don’t have a dress on doesn’t stop you being a tranny’

Grayson Perry talks to Simon Hattenstone about frocks, pots and his latest project, a TV series exploring identity. Plus his subjects reveal what it was like being turned into art

Grayson Perry, Map of Truths and Beliefs (Detail)

Perry's work links well to contrast because it features so many juxtaposing ideas. Grayson Perry, Map of Truths and Beliefs (Detail)

Inside Grayson Perry's sketchbook | Art and design | The Guardian

From treasured childhood notebooks to drawing with his daughter, Grayson Perry’s sketchbooks are the place where the artist learns if an idea is ‘a goer or a dud’

Grayson Perry Sketches

Grayson Perry Sketches- I'm often drawn to the colour combinations Perry used in his work and the way he conveys a narrative. I also like the use of felt tip pens which I often use in my work for a childlike bold quality.

Grayson Perry Silk Scarf | Scarves | Tate Shop

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