David Hockney

love the raindrops on the puddle/lake, also the different colours work well even though they are unrealistic

David Hockney: collage, utilizing design elements grid + texture | design principles: rhythm, balance + unity

This Girls Life: DIY Urban Outfitters Wall Art - love the idea of using various photos to create a collage.

The artist, David Hockney at work in his studio.

Tyler Printmaking Collection at the National Gallery of Australia - The enjoyable photo archive allows us to witness the evolution of Tyler’s long collaboration with David Hockney

David Hockney - "Steps into Water"

David Hockney Steps into the water Kodacolour photograph, from ‘Twenty Photographic pictures by David Hockney’, 270 x - -

This is David Hockney painting "The Road to Thwing, Late Spring" May 2006 - and I LOVE it!

David Hockney: modern master of colour

David Hockney painting The Road to Thwing, Late Spring. © David Hockney/Photograph by Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima/Thames & Hudson

David Hockney

blue art by hockney