Ages of Metal, James Jarvis

Ages Of Metal by James Jarvis Ages Of Metal, 2003 Boxed edition of six vinyl action figures Approx inches

Tribes of Monsterism: Maphi Meet The Malvox Tribe from Pete Fowler's The Tribes of Monsterism Island!

Maphi - Malvox Tribe of Monsterism Island from Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler's Monsterism Island

Cosmic yacht rock, Super Furry Animals artwork and uber-cute toys with ‘Monsterist’ Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler The Professor

Pete Fowler loves his owls. we love owls too, who doesn't? And now some of Pete's half owl-half human illustrations are being made in to furniture and w

Martin X by James Jarvis for Silas x Amos

Silas x Amos Toys Martin X Vinyl

Silas x Amos Toys Martin X Vinyl: Having hooked up way back in James Jarvis' character Martin makes his ten year

Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler

James Jarvis

James Jarvis