Wounded, Passchendaele by Paul Nash

Wounded, Passchendaele by Paul Nash. Nash was sent to the front in A sensitive boy, he was obsessed with literature, and to some extent, he felt as though he'd stepped into a novel.

Paul Nash "Berkshire Downs" 1922

Berkshire Downs - Paul Nash, 1922 From the National Galleries of Scotland: “ Many of Nash’s paintings, even those executed when he was an Official War Artist, have trees and landscapes as their main theme. He regarded trees as symbols of Nature’s.

Paul Nash, Wittenham Clumps.  A British surrealist painter and war artist…

A British surrealist painter and war artist, book-illustrator, writer and designer of applied art. He was the older brother of the artist John Nash. Wikipedia Born: May London Died: July 1946 Period: Surrealism

Art.IWM ART 1162    	 A French Highway, 1918, by John Nash. John Nash was appointed as an official war artist in April 1918 following vigorous canvassing by his brother Paul. This 1918 painting shows two mounted French officers, in their distinctive helmets and dark blue cloaks, alongside marching British soldiers. The 45 mile (72 km) road between Bar-le-Duc and Verdun was the most important route in and out of the beleaguered Verdun salient. It became known as the Voie Sacrée, or Sacred…

1995 Booker Prize Winner: The Ghost Road by Pat Barker

Paul Nash. Wild Green Winter

John Nash Wild Garden, Winter / 1959 / Watercolour on paper / 406 x 571 mm Collection Tate

Paul Nash (English, 1889-1946), Landscape of the Bagley Woods, 1943. Oil on canvas, 56 x 86.3 cm.

lawrenceleemagnuson: “ Paul Nash (UK Landscape of Bagley Woods oil on canvas 56 x cm ”

paul nash - solstice of the sunflower (1945)

Solstice of the Sunflower - Paul Nash, 1945 From the National Gallery of Canada: “ “Solstice of the Sunflower” is one of the last oil paintings Paul Nash completed before his death in Admired for its formal boldness and visionary qualities, it.

Paul Nash, Winchelsea Beach

Artworks of Paul Nash (British, 1889 - from galleries, museums and auction houses worldwide.

Paul Nash, ‘The Messerschmidt in Windsor Great Park’ 1940

Paul Nash The Messerschmidt in Windsor Great Park 1940 Pastel, graphite and watercolour on paper

Paul Nash (1889‑1946) London: Winter Scene, No. 2 1940 Graphite and watercolour on paper support: 289 x 394 mm Tate Gallery

Paul Nash London: Winter Scene, No. 2 1940 Graphite and watercolour on paper support: 289 x 394 mm Tate Gallery