This paper Easter wreath is a great Easter craft for kids and adults.

Easy Paper Easter Wreath

like the bunny idea. thinking carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the festive decorations!

Hoppy Easter!

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids | Parenting

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Turn kids feet into carrots. I want to be a fun mom that has time to do this kinda stuff with her kids Easter spring

Malteser Malteser Bunny and Mini Egg Chocolate Cake

This beautiful Malteser MaltEaster Bunny & Mini Egg Chocolate Cake is very easy to make and perfect for anyone who loves Easter and the chocolates that come with it! It always irks me how as soon as Boxing Day has passed, you can buy Easter …

These 25 colorful, fun and DIY Easy Easter Craft Projects are sure to be a hit with crafters of all ages.

Easter Craft Projects

Easter bark - so easy and so delicious.

Easter bark

Yummy Easter bark, dark chocolate with blue, pink, purple and white swirls and topped with mini eggs.

Cute easter present for the grandparents

This list of simple Easter crafts for kids is absolutely adorable! From egg carton chicks to cotton ball bunnies there are tons of Easter craft ideas here!