Rebecca Katherine Lund

Rebecca Katherine Lund

Gainsborough, United Kingdom / Actor. Writer. Small town girl craving adventure.
Rebecca Katherine Lund
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I actually have the Doctor Who picture on a shirt that I got from Hot Topic so yes, fan art is ART

books <3

Some of them, some of the old books, are like old friends. And there is nothing more comforting than an old friend.

Dean Winchester <3

My Prince charming drives a 67 Impala hunts demons and ghosts, wears a leather jacket, and loves pie

The Little Things About Theatre

Lora's cast for is over one thousand years old. One might conceivably ask, since she's MPD, who--precisely--is her audience?


Theatre doesn't last. Only in people's memories and in their hearts. That's the beauty and sadness of it. But that's life. Beauty and sadness. And that is why theatre is life.