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Did you know that newspaper can be used to neutralize odors in the refrigerator?  It can also be used as a shoe deodorizer!  Simply ball up two sheets of newspaper and insert one into each stinky shoe and overnight it will remove the odor!  It also works for drying out shoes.  When finished deodorizing, toss the paper in your recycle bin.... Have to try. My hubby has stinky shoes! Lol!

Not only can newspaper help preserve your shoes' shape, it also helps dry and deodorize them~~ This really does work. Stuff shoes or boots with plenty of newspaper and they will dry over night.

Plastic bottle saver? make it last longer ....nifty trick.

Re-use plastic bottle tops to tightly seal food bags. Cut off wide-mouth plastic bottle top just at crest. save the cap. slip over bag opening. top toward the open end. Fold bag over bottle mouth. cap with re-used bottle top. easy to seal and pour!

smelly shoe trick.

Putting dry tea bags in smelly shoes or gym bags will absorb the unpleasant odor. Put in shoes and then shoes in a plastic bag and leave for days and it works!

This is crazy. Mix 1/4 cup Listerine (any kind but I like the blue), 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes and when you take them out the dead skin will practically wipe off.

Remove Dead Skin Foot Soak, or at least disinfect them. Already 1 Cup Listerine, 1 Cup Vinegar and 2 Cups water. Let soak for 10 mins.

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