Joe sugg, black and white, selfie..Futhermore i love his phone sooo...

Joe sugg, black and white, selfie.Futhermore i love his phone sooo.

I think that no one in this world can not love this guy. His facial expressions- everything he does makes you want to hook up with him. But it's not only that, he's also so funny, and an amazing and kind person at heart. Not to mention when he sings, OMG. His voice is beautiful. I rarely have any male singers I like, but man does Joe have talent! There are no words to describe how much I love him. He's a beautiful person inside and out and I hope he stays just the way he is

Y/n: Joe, do you like me?Let me think Y/n: Joe, don't joke around. Joe: I don't like you.

Joe Sugg <3 One of my favorite Youtubers.

" I say, smiling in my thick British accent. "My names Joe Sugg, Im the…

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Joseph sugg possibly the fittest creature to have ever walked the earth😂💘🌎

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