London Underground, truly some where to visit. Crazy big and the escalators go on and on. MIND THE GAP


Set Inspiration: Awesome Brit-pop paraphernalia scattered around on the school chalkboards/walls/halls of the dorm

London Underground map:

London, England Underground Map Vintage Style Travel Poster Education Masterprint - 40 x 30 cm


In the future, I plan on taking more vitamins to help myself stay healthy. I have a habit of getting sick or believing I'm sick (Hypochondriac) so in some way taking vitamins such as C, or D, horse pills, etc. Help me out.

Jarvis Cocker Dazed & Confused

The ultimate 90s Britpop babes

british newspapers

The High Court has ruled that although a newspaper doesn't have to be made of paper, it does have to contain news.