Recover Team's Cushions

We are fortunate that we have some professional upholsterers who donate to our Social Enterprise Project some high end fabrics left over from their work. Using those fabrics we make a variety of cushions. Here's some pretty pictures of some of the cushions we've made in our workshop.
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Tribal Print & coffee sack
Large Coffee Sack
Velvet & reclaimed suede luxury cushions by RECOVERTEAM on Etsy
Purple Striped Velvet & Reclaimed Suede Luxury by RECOVERTEAM
Bright Pink patchwork cushions / pillows by RECOVERTEAM on Etsy
Vintage Blues designer fabric cushions by RECOVERTEAM on Etsy
Hot Pink / Bright Pink Chintzy Cushions.
Hot Pink / bright Pink Striped Cushions.
psychedelic fabric and burlap / coffee sack cushions