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the front door is open to let in light and privacy from the surrounding yard area
Studio Carver
H2 / 102 WOOD WEATHERBOARDING; Belsize Park House; Studio Carver
a modern garden with white walls and green grass
hardwood Archives - London Garden Design
Modern London garden design, smooth sawn beige sandstone paving, raised block paving walls, hardwood privacy screen trellis, balau hardwood floating bench, block architectural planting.
there is a wooden stair case in the house
Casa Besares by Arquinoma | Dezeen
This house in Argentina by local architects Arquinoma has a front door tall enough to let in a giraffe.
two people sitting on the ledge of a building
Architect Visit: Herringbone House in London - Remodelista
Herringbone House in Islington, London. Zoe Chang, Atelier Chan Chan | Remodelista
the front door to a brick house
I found my home
Iron gray and creamy white work well with natural red brick
an open kitchen with white cabinets and counter tops next to a wooden door that leads to a covered patio
East London House extension by Mikhail Riches
East London House by David Mikhail Architects
a brick building with a covered patio in the foreground and an outdoor living area on the other side
Continuous Glass: Window & Railing
"sunken" lounge Window and balustrade detail
a brick building with a large glass window on the outside and bookshelves in front
Natural Area Rugs
Tuck me in here on a rainy day with a down comforter..
a house that has some leaves on the ground
Articles about reinventing traditional edwardian near lake ontario on Dwell.com
House in the Beach / Drew Mandel Architects. * Chosen for the use of brick and exterior black tiling. Creating a traditional box house with structurally striking modern elements.
an extension to a house with glass walls
Everything & Some
As with all these wonderful refurbishments to Victorian houses (or any style for that matter) it relies on having a truly spectacular garden to show it off ... from the little I can see, this is not the case here.
three different views of a small house in the woods, with windows on each side
Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth of Hel Yes! launched their combined greenhouse and shed kit for the gardening market in 2010 and Bergroth has customised the prototype to create her own summer house, adding a wooden floor, solar panels for lighting and steps made from reclaimed bricks.
a black house sitting on top of a lush green field
Black brick house in the woods by Takero Shimazaki and Charlie Luxton
Black brick house in the woods outside London by Takero Shimazaki and Charlie Luxton
two black chairs sitting on top of a cement floor in front of a glass wall
Home - Guard Tillman Pollock
Refurbished House in Islington, London by Guard Tillman Pollock Architects