Dirty Den & Angie

Some of the early episodes of the British soap opera 'EastEnders' when it stared Anita Dobson and Leslie Grantham as Angie and Den, publicans of 'The Old Vic' public house.

Teen mum, Michelle Fowler with newborn, Vicki, and the daddy: Dirty Den Watts.

EastEnders teen mum, Michelle Fowler, with newborn Vicki, and the daddy, Dirty Den Watts (superbly portrayed by Leslie Grantham and Susan Tully)

Pat's makeup earrings and prints

EastEnders Pat Butcher - brilliantly portrayed by superb actress Pam St.

Dead Man's Folly

littlebitsofpoirot: “ I think this is the best photo to post as a first one. Charlie Chaplin & Hercule Poirot together :). David Suchet on the set of Dead Man’s Folly, with a boy in a Chaplin costume.

EastEnders Props: Den and Angie's Gravestone by Nat. Media Museum, via Flickr

EastEnders Props: Den and Angie's Gravestone by Nat.

Characters Mark, Pauline, and Arthur Fowler. Google Image Result for http://i.thisislondon.co.uk/i/pix/2009/02/wendy-richards-415x275.jpg

Mark Fowler (Todd Carty) with his mum, Pauline (Wendy Richard) and dad, Arthur (Bill Treacher)