MINTOLA - 1970 MACKINTOSH'S BRITISH UK Chocolate Candy Bar Wrapper

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Proper matchmakers! UK Vintage Chocolate. I loved the coffee ones, you could get mint too.

I'm so sad that at Labels Zoo we make labels now - they were much cooler in the Proper matchmakers! I loved the coffee ones, you could get mint too.

UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly -Curly Wurly- 3p chocolate candy bar wrapper - 1970's by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

UK - Cadbury's CurlyWurly - we got loads of these as Dad worked for Cadburys and the factory shop sold all the seconds off cheap. Curly Wurlys must have gone wrong a lot because we seemed to get loads of them. Not Curly Wurlys again Dad!

Walls ice lollies

Ice lollies from the good old days, two of my favorites which I bought both from the Ice Cream Man and the local shops were Zoomand Fab What were yours?


Fish and Chips - my favourite from the shop when I was a little girl. My mum used to walk me there! Got a box of these now in my cupboard downstairs!

Terrys Bitz chocolate bar amazing mint one!

Bitz Bars- My Mum still makes the best homemade version of these :)

if anyone bought me these i'd be like the happiest person ever!!

Drumstick lollipops are made by Swizzels Matlow - world famous fro producing some of the best sweets money.