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You back up, no, you back up.....

Pets in Portrait paint beautiful detailed oil paintings by Custom Animal Artists that capture the subtle characteristics of the pet you love. Pet Portraits are painted from the photos you provide.

All of King's :D

“Wishing you could unread a book so you could read it again for the first time.” Only all the time. It's the same with movies for me. Or really listening to an amazing song for the first time.

27 Funny Images That Book Lovers Know All Too Well #funnypictures #booklovers #bookmemes #readingmemes #funnypics

27 Funny Images That Book Lovers Know All Too Well #funnypictures #booklovers #bookmemes #readingmemes #funnypics

Bookworm problem #1: Outlander, 50 Shades of Grey, Bad Girl

Bookworm problem: Harry Potter, Star Wars (EU), and every other movie/book created!

Yes, I do.

Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who plays Jace in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. And twilight in the background. "Sees someone reading your favorite book: You, I like you!

Has only happened with one book, or rather, series, & that's Harry Potter

I am a huge book nerd and these words couldn't hold any more truth to them. Reading is good for the mind and the soul. If there is time to watch TV, there is time to read a book :) SO TRUE ITS SAD!

haha yes! lolsotrue: When you don't know how to pronounce a character's name in a book,so you just substitute your own jibberish word in your head.

ever wanted to do this? {raises hand} I feel they're every feeling, including stupidity and embarrassment

Sometimes I want to slap the characters with their own book.oh yes! Bella Swan is the first one on that list! and sometimes Edward but i love him far more than Bella! and Katniss as well a few times for some things!