Fragments - you could take multiple photos, reassemble them and then draw/paint or use mixed media?

Brno Del Zou Take multiple photos, cut them into different sized fragments and reassemble them in odd places that still work.

34 Captivating Cubist Photos. Fora student Art project?

34 Captivating Cubist Photos

Hockney inspired front on portrait with profile portraits facing in or out - image inspiration: Sonalika Jain 'Joiner"

photojoiner-uses different angles to create a full image, it stitches parts of the face together to create and never before seen image

Jeff Huntington - Convergent Sequence

"Convergent Sequence" by Jeff Huntington. Fragmentation - different images composed together. The images composed together have differennt lighting which makes the piece stronger as it doesn't completely blend into one face.

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