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We all love to drink milk shakes in summer. What is your favorite milk shake flavor?

Nothing is more peaceful than dangling your fingers in the water, while the person in the back of the canoe paddles. I miss those days with my sisters.

'He looks up at me through his eyelashes, skin speckled with dirt, and I look away; out into the parking lot, where the morning sun beats down on the hood of his ugly old car and sets the glitter on the little Mary statue on the dashboard sparkling.

let ty play you the song of her people ( to those who can't read music notes!

Finished Beaded Wire Cat Ear Headband - for when you want to do Halloween, but you're a teacher and want to be taken seriously.

color inspiration // our chapter one was apart // our chapter two together // and even with a broken heart // chapter three brought the end of forever //