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So, it's almost International Talk Like a Pirate Day, aye! September 19th is a…

So, it's almost International Talk Like a Pirate Day, aye! September is a day where we should all be talking like pirates apparently, savvy?

Pirate songs - Pirate themed songs to the tune of traditional nursey rhymes.

After searching on TES for pirate songs for a themed day - I made up my own. All sung to nursery rhyme tunes.

Split Pin Pirate Activity - split pin, pirates, split pin pirates, pirate split pin, split pin pirate activitity, split pin cut outs, pirate cut outs

Split pin characters are fantastic for practising and reinforcing fine motor skills. Once they're all cut and pinned, you can also use them in puppet shows to encourage speaking, listening, using appropriate language and vocabulary, and getting in ro

Pirate Facts

I used this as a starter with my Higher ability Literacy class in Reception. The children then did various activities but the Higher ability wrote a fact down a 'message in a bottle&' writing.

Number Patterns/Number Sequences pirate resources

A set of resources to teach a lesson about number sequences with a pirate theme! A Powerpoint to introduce, worksheets for indepedent work and a Powerpoint for the plenary - children to use w/bs.

Message in a bottle writing frame

A writing frame in the shape of a bottle. I have used this with seaside and pirate themed topics. The children write a messsage they would put in a bottle and then these are cut out and made into a display.