Tennyson has always been really outgoing, but people have been bullying her about her weight, even though she was a fairly normal size. She's stopped eating lunch now. Is your character in on the bullying or are they a friend?

Joe Sugg, Zoe's brother, is also a successful vlogger but said he does feel under pressure to keep producing clips to keep his 5.9m subscribers entertained

The dark side of being a superstar vlogger

{FC: Joseph Sugg} Hey, I'm Joseph but please call me Joe. I'm 19 and British. I have an accent so yeah. I'm a likeable guy if I do say so myself. I try to always be happy and make the most of what I have although it isn't much. I'm starting to question my sexuality.. Anyways, introduce?

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NO NO STOP #thatcherjoe #joesugg #perfection

Joe Sugg) Hey, Im Joe. Caspar and Oli are my best mates. Zoe is my sister. Im a vlogger and gamer.