Masks, Masquerade and Disguise

'Behind every mask, disguise or concealment there may be a face and behind that, a story. Nothing is more real than the masks we create to show each other who…
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Mexican Wood Carvings & Whimsy | Zinnia Folk Arts
an animal mask is sitting on the ground
Mexican Wood Carvings & Whimsy | Zinnia Folk Arts
three colorful sugar skulls sitting in a white box
many masks are hanging on the wall
Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Handmade, Artisan, Sombreros, Mascaras
a blue and yellow painted face on an orange background with white string wrapped around it
Hand Painted carnival mask, vejigante , colorful Afro Caribbean Mask, traditional puerto rican mask, gourd art- collectors item
This brightly hand painted mask is made with a local Puerto Rican grown gourd, also known as -higuera. A once scary Vejigantes is now not so scary, but a beautiful artistic display of the expressive Afro- Caribbean mixed with native Tiano. It is vibrantly painted in bold colors to help celebrate the carnival season here on the island The 9 'horns' are made from coconut roots. The Insides of the gourd is left in its natural unpainted state. Measurements: approx. 15 inches across- 12 inche
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a black and white photo of a person wearing a mask
an african mask with dreadlocks on it's head
Mask, Dan peoples, Côte D'Ivoire