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an image of the moon setting over water with trees and rocks in front of it
Ray Heus: "Moonlight, Passamaquoddy Bay"
Ray Heus: "Moonlight, Passamaquoddy Bay"
a drawing of a snow covered hill with a fence in the foreground and houses in the background
The Old Reader | Sign In
Engelbert Lap (Austrian, 1886-1970), Wooden Cottages in the Snow, 1920s. Woodcut printed in colours on thin Japanese paper.
an image of trees and birds flying in the sky Pacotes de viagens, promoções de viagem
Morning Song by SHI YI, 1997.
a group of trees with no leaves on them in the foggy day, surrounded by snow
a painting of trees in the woods with leaves on the ground and yellow sky above
Memories of Japan/Gallery Back number
Autumn woodblock print, Tsuzen Nakajima Nice use of wood grain in the block
an old black and white drawing of a mountain with a stream running through it's canyon
H. Eric Bergman (Canadian). Glacier Water. 1931. (wood engraving)
a painting of trees and snow in the woods
Reduction linocut print by LORALIE CLEMMENSEN. Tags: Linocut, Cut, Print, Linoleum, Lino, Carving, Block, Woodcut, Helen Elstone, Trees, Forest, Woods, Winter, Snow, Shadows.
an image of trees reflected in water with no leaves on the tree branches, and another painting behind it
Wild and Peaceful
Álvaro Laura
an illustration of a person walking up steps in the snow with umbrellas over their heads
an image of a man and his dog in the snow by some trees with no leaves
Andrew Davidson Illustration & Design
Woodcut for Christmas card by Andrew Davidson
there are many small sailboats in the water near each other, and one boat is floating on the water
Hiroshi Yoshida
the steps to make a tree slice sculpture
DIY: Tree Stump Print
Turn an abandoned log into a work of art! Photo: Emily Evans(Try Design)
an image of a painting with waves crashing on the rocks and water splashing over them
Fumio Kitaoka Limited Woodblock Print - Shimamaki (item #1133789, detailed views)
Fumio Kitaoka Limited Woodblock Print - Shimamaki
a red barn and tree in the snow
A Jug Of Wine, A Loaf Of Bread, And Virtual Thou
thewoodbetween: Eyvind Earle. I really admire this Artist. Such a sure hand. Brilliant ;)