Need new countertops to sell?  Butcher block is a less-expensive option that still packs a lot of style.

A Kitchen for the People, Courtesy of Prince Charles

our current kitchen has black cabinets and a butcher block counter top Copper Pipes in Plain English Kitchen- light cabinets on top and dark on bottom


My dream bathroom! Would love a map on the wall beside the bath. Map wallpaper in the bathroom. Learn world geography while you.brush your teeth.


Maybe you’re having a destination wedding, or you’re planning a wedding with a travel theme…well here’s 30 awesome ideas we’ve collected to help it all come together. With some DIY touches, a few globes and a map or .

Cosy without being frumpy

Julie's Favorite Lamp Speaks

Great two dimension look inset bookshelf with lower projection not to floor. Help create depth to room

your new home

Dining Room Ideas - green color chairs to made. I like the idea of natural wood top, white table base and colored chairs *af

Renovation Calculator

Renovation Calculator

Definitely a clean look, but is that lamp in the best place?  Hope no one tall tries to stand up out of that chair!

(West Elm and oldie combined are two words that make me impossible to get one.but I would looooooove it)