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a white toilet sitting in a bathroom next to a bath tub and window with pictures on the wall
Metro tiles, grey walls, gallery wall, roll top bath, patterned tiles, peonies and plants in the bathroom.
a wooden floor with some paint samples on top of it and a piece of paper next to it
Karndean Van Gogh in Country Oak + Ds04 design strips laid in 'ships deck', Marlborough tiles in Eau de Nil, muted F&B shades.
a white sink sitting next to a bath tub
Ayla Encaustic Cement Tile 20cm*20cm
Vintage metro meets floral cement tiles in this stunning bathroom combination. #bathroomtiles #vintagetiles #cementtiles
a bath room with a tub and a mirror on the wall next to a window
MY DIY | Live Edge Bath Board - I SPY DIY
» MY DIY | Live Edge Bath Board
four different bathroom designs in black and white
Metro Tiles | Low Prices, Fast Delivery | Walls and Floors
Mix brick shaped metros and patterned Zeinah Tiles for a striking monochrome / Moroccan mash up in a bathroom or kitchen!
an image of a blue tiled floor in the kitchen and dining room with pictures on it
Fabriek van moderne en traditionele cementtegels
Cementtegels | Foto Galerij | Fabriek Mosaic del Sur
three blue umbrellas with white lines on them sitting on the ground next to each other
“Dandelion - blue #marrakechdesign #kakel #klinker #fliser #tiles #flooring #cementtiles #betongfliser #renovering #dandelion #designby…”
a blue and white tiled wall with geometric designs on the bottom, in front of a concrete floor
Most Imaginative Ways to Use Tiles in the Home - tidy away today
If you feel your home needs a fresh design feature, why not consider introducing some beautiful tiles in an unexpected, unconventional way?
a white bath tub sitting next to a wooden stool
Online Bathroom Specialist | Clearance Event
BCT Tiles - 9 Devonstone Grey Feature Floor Tiles - 331x331mm - BCT11064 at Victorian Plumbing UK
a pair of brown shoes sitting on top of a tiled floor
Best Selling Tiles - Our Collection of Britain's Most Popular Tiles
These quintessentially British geometric floor tiles by recreate authentic Victorian and Edwardian patterns in halls, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, as well as paths and patios.
an image of a kitchen with blue cabinets and tile flooring on the walls, along with text that reads kitchen unusual dark blue gray grey kitchen cabinets
Great Ideas And Tips About Home Improvement
From the brass fixtures to the blue-gray cabinets to the graphic caustic tiled floors, we love it all!