Bones and butterflies. While skulls and bones represent our mortality in still life works, the butterfly is representative of the soul or resurrection.

VANITAS [noun] in art, a genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early century. A vanitas painting contains collections of objects symbolic of the inevitability of.

"The Future Eaters" Cool, I need this for my home.

"The Future Eaters" by Kevin Best. The title of a book by former Australian of the Year Dr Tim Flannery, in which he argues that Man has a nasty habit of eating his future resources.

Vanitas with owl, Anonymous, 17th century

vanité à la chouette (artist unknown) at the musée des beaux-arts de dijon

Stilleven met bloemen in een glazen vaas, Jan Davidsz. de Heem, 1650 With love, Anne -

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