#Krishna #Statue by ReturnFavors.

#Krishna #Statue by ReturnFavors.

#Radha-#Krishna #Canvas #Frames By ReturnFavors.

#Radha-#Krishna #Canvas #Frames By ReturnFavors.

#Krishna #Statue By ReturnFavors.

#Krishna #Statue By ReturnFavors.

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Sri KRISHNA // "You are the original lamp. Other incarnations may possess the same candle power as the original lamp but the original lamp is the beginning of all light" Lord Brahma, in "Prayers Offered by Lord Brahma to Lord Krsna," BOOK, Chapter 14

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K stands for Krishna. Lord Krishna: "While many Vaishnava groups recognize him as an avatar of Lord Vishnu; some traditions within Krishnaism, consider Krishna to be Svayam Bhagavan, or the Supreme Being.

Krishna ❁^^ ♡.. .~*~.❃∘❃✤ॐ ♥..⭐.. ▾ ๑♡ஜ ℓv ஜ ᘡlvᘡ༺✿ ☾♡·✳︎· ♥ ♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ❥•*`*•❥ ♥❀ ♢❃∘❃♦ ♡ ❊ ** Have a Nice Day! ** ❊ ღ‿ ❀♥❃∘❃ ~ SAT 9th JAN 2016!!! .. .~*~.❃∘❃✤ॐ ♥..⭐..༺✿ ♡ ^^❁

▾ ๑♡ஜ ℓv ஜ ᘡlvᘡ༺✿ ☾♡·✳︎· ♥ ♫ La-la-la Bonne vie ♪ ❥

After days dancing with SriKrishna the king of the peacocks says"You have created a festival of bliss for which we remain eternally indebted to You. We offer you 'Gurudakshina'. I request You to accept our only opulence, our plumage. Wear them on your crown as a decoration." With large tears of ecstasy the king of peacocks dropped many divine feathers. SriKrishna lovingly accepted the offering of the peacocks and picked up the feathers and to everybody's joy, placed a few of them on his…

The Vedas describe Krishna in this way- He appears as a handsome youth with a glowing complexion the color of rain clouds. He plays a flute, attracting the hearts of all. His smile is enchanting, and.

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May Lord Krishna guide us all today in everything that we do. May He help us to let go of hatred and hold on to love. May He help us to forgive others and to ignore their taunts while focusing on Him only. May He help us to make today a good day, a.

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krishnaart: “GOVINDA Artist: Mahendra Dubey Sukadeva Goswami said: “The great personality Brahma, with great attention and concentration of the mind, studied the Vedas three times, and after.


Your love for God radiates around everyone and just fills us with joy and makes us love God even more!

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