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mahabis everyday adventures // peeling paintwork form- The Urban Scrapbook inc. I love old peeling paint and rust. I cant get enough of these kinds of photos.

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USS Dwight D. I was supposed to be transferred here but with a baby and my husband on the USS George Washington, we would have waived in passing.

i chose this because i found it more interesting and i think i should do it…

The images above become 10 times more impressive when you learn they’re self portraits. Ahn Jun’s portfolio revolves around self portraits captured in precarious situations. Death-Defying Self Portraits Taken at the Edge of the World via Fubiz

Mick  uploaded this image to 'Photos Three'.  See the album on Photobucket.

A Marauder medium bomber is seen still in level flight just after it was grievously damaged by anti-aircraft hits to its left wing and tail during an attack on rail bridge at Marzabotto, Italy.

Wonderful Photos - High perspective - Smoke on - Red White Blue

Red Arrows snapped in Eagle formation over Akrotiri, Cyprus - I remember free flying displays for a month every year when I lived there in the :)