Made for mess-free operation, this juicer is great for clean-freaks as it performs all the functions of a juicer without drenching your counter in fruit juice/pulp.

January ushers in a flood of folks keen on keeping their New Year’s resolutions, and a juicer may be just what the healthy lifestyle hopefuls are seeking.

This is no ordinary juicer. In addition to performing all the tasks of a normal juicer, the unit comes in a variety of designs so that you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

9 Top Rated Cold Press Juicers Will Make You Feel Great

Omega brings you an ergonomically designed, space efficient juicer that will meet all your “compression” needs! In addition to be  being a juicer, you can also use this machine to whip soy milk, making butter out of nuts and grinding coffee beans.

Designed for the home, but built for commercial use, the Omega Nutrition Center HD Juicer is as beautiful as it is practical. It juices everything from fruits and vegetables to wheatgrass using a juicing process.

Are you looking for juice and juice only? Well, this juicer has a smart technology that seeps through every inch of pulp and give you fresh juice only. The pulp is collected in a separate container just in case you need it for other activities. Assembling this machine is simple & easy thanks to its modular design.

Black Decker Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor with Custom Juice Cup - - Skip the juice bar and get all your favorite fresh juices right from your counter. With 400 watts of power and a stainle

An excellent juicer with super fluid operation, the Hurom Juicer works on cold press principle and contrary to its name, does the job quite quickly. The auger fitted to press fruits does a fine job at extracting even the most vital enzymes and nutrients out of what you put in.

Confused about which juicer to buy? We’ve created the ultimate Juicer Buying Guide to help you find the best juicer for your needs. We’ll give you the low down about different types of juicers from centrifugal, to cold-press and more.

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