Bring back organic photography without photoshop craziness.  Its why I love that Britney Spears.  She released her before and after photoshop photos to help women with body image. Society's "ideal" body is rarely real.

Britney Spears agrees to release un-airbrushed images of herself next to the digitally-altered versions

Britney spears provides before-and-after airbrushing photos for a serious reality check. Love yourself for who you are.not for what magazines show you should be.

There's never a better time to start loving yourself than right now. Author Amy Bloom tells women everywhere how.

Dear Every Woman I Know, Including Me

Barbies actual dimensions: 59 waist, 33 hips and a size 3 shoe. Barbie likes her weight at 110 lbs. At weighing 110 lbs, Barbie would have a BMI of and fit the weight criteria for anorexia. If Barbie were real, shed have to walk o

"I must admit, when I first saw the image my immediate reaction was a tense jaw, a pang of jealousy masked by a defensive thought– 'the women in the bottom image are more real'– and, admittedly, maybe even animosity toward those women in the Victoria’s Secret ad. 'So, in order to love my body, I should strive to look like this?' But the longer I sat with these images, I began to allow the brain spark-fest of profound realization. 'Wait a second… it goes both ways.'" Click to read full…

The Victoria's Secret Love Your Body Campaign Vs. The Dove Real Beauty. Have a healthy image of your body. I honestly think the dove girls are gorgeous! Goal body for sure

Unfortunately, this depiction of an anorexic's distorted body image is all too true.  Photographer Ross Brown works in the integration of photography and digital art processing to evoke a psychological response

Very creative pictures by Ross Brown. Very creative pictures by Ross Brown.

Celebrity Photoshopped Before and After-6  I picked this picture because it is a perfect example of Photoshop and how it is used in the media. The media wants to make us believe that the only "perfect" body is skinny and if you are not skinny your body is not acceptable.

I've always wondered how plus size models never have any "rolls." Some skinny women have rolls! But I guess this answers my question - photoshop! And this is supposed to portray a healthy body image because she is a "plus size" model.

photoshop before and after

Celeb Fauxtoshop Before-and-Afters, the Rolls Royce of Makeup Mirrors and an Under-$50 Makeover

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