Aston Martin DB5

Highland Aston Martin DB5

BEAUTIFUL - Aston Martin with modifications as shown in the Highlands in the James Bond movie "Skyfall"

BMW 507

The most elusive BMW of them all! the 507 Roadster. Only 252 ever made, and who knows how many are still around today. It's just the most beautiful thing BMW has ever built!

Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato

Aston Martin GT Zagato 1961 (I've seen this car at the Franschhoek Motor Museum, South Africa)

Ford Cortina Mk 1

Ford Cortina Mk 1 - My father had a brand new one in red 30 ETH - My brother Mike wrote it off in the first month.


Porsche 356 B 90 Coupe. Created by Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche (son of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, founder of the German company), he founded the company with sister Louise.

VW Golf GTI Mark 2

Hagerty’s 2014 automotive threatened, endangered and extinct list

Porsche 356 Speedster. Classy.

Porsche 356 Speedster - I definitely like this design rather than today's UFO like Porsches.

Lotus Ford Cortina 1966. Class!

This is the EXACT SAME Cortina I had, only mine didn't have the fancy Lotus engine, and my stripe was a cheery cherry red.

Austin Healey 100/6

Austin Healey - hire on a self hire basis and get yourself to the ceremony!

old BMW...

bmw csi, denny's car – useful for depicting enzo's ride-along/"one more lap"