Francesca WOODMAN :: My House / Providence, Rhode Island, 1975

Francesca Woodman: House Providence, Rhode Island, 1976 : Since I first found out about her, I have been mesmerized by her poetic photographs. It is such a loss that she took her life at the age of

Francesca Woodman

francesca woodman--love may be too strong a word but I am intrigued

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman in a self portrait. Untitled (Rome)When she took her life by jumping out a Manhattan loft window in 1981 at just photographer Francesca Woodman left behind a prodigious body of work.

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman (April 1958 – January was an American photographer best known for her black and white pictures featuring herself and female models.

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Francesca Woodman: Now you see her, but most of the time you don’t…

Francesca Woodman. "Untitled", Rome, 1977-78.

Francesca Woodman Rome, From Angel Series: "Sloan appears as the artist’s doppelganger. as an angelic figure.

Francesca Woodman Mi vida en este punto es como un sedimento muy viejo en una taza de café y preferiría morir joven dejando varias realizaciones, en vez de ir borrando atropelladamente todas estas cosas delicadas… Así se despidió en una carta Francesca Woodman antes de acabar con su vida en enero de 1981, cuando solo tenía 22 años.

Francesca Woodman, On Being an Angel, 1977 Falling squarely into the category of "Photographers You Should Know" (but might not yet) is Francesca Woodman, who is receiving a flurry of attention right now. And who is Francesca Woodman?

"Francesca Woodman"

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Francesca Woodman House Providence, Rhode Island, 1976 Gelatin silver print, x cm Courtesy George and Betty Woodman

Francesca Woodman. One our girls (has gone missing), 1979.

Francesca Woodman
 Untitled, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976 
Gelatin silver print, 14 x cm
 Courtesy George and Betty Woodman 
© George and Betty Woodman