Lady in red: Lawson singer Andy Brown and Kelly Brook film the video for the band's new single Juliet

It's Kelly Rabbit! Miss Brook smoulders in sexy red dress as she cameos in new Lawson video Juliet

Kelly Brook turns bunny girl, dressing up as Jessica Rabbit in Lawson's new pop video - Celebrity News - Showbiz - London Evening Standard

Lawson <3

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Lawson. Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Adam Pitts and Ryan Fletcher.

Is it just me, or is Lawson a fucking hot band, literally I mean look at these fine gentlemen Lawson. Andy Brown, Joel Peat, Adam Pitts and Ryan Fletcher.

I thought a lot about what to put as a first pin here because I love a lot of songs right now, but I decided to go with the one I've been loving the whole summer, so I discovered this band last year, and I'm really glad I did, because there is not one song I don't love, so there it is ... #Lawson - Brokenhearted ft. B.O.B

"Standing in the dark, she's dancing on the tables, looking through the glass, she someone else's angel" Lawson

Lawson's brand new video for Standing In The Dark. I absolutely cannot wait for the day this band blows up this side of the Atlantic. "it may sound stupid that i'm wanting you back, but i'm wanting you back"

Standing In The Dark Lyrics with Official Music Video by Lawson Sitting here wide awake Thinking about when I last saw you I know you’re not far away Close my eyes and I still see you Lying here next to me Wearing nothing but a smile

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