The in between spaces are as important as rooms. Halls, corridors, entryways.
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a blue stair case in an empty room
b e r l i c u m ' 2 2 -
an archway with a potted plant in it and a pink door on the wall
Projekt Praga incorporates mid-century references into Polish dumpling restaurant
Projekt Praga adds mid-century references to Polish dumpling restaurant
two story brick building on the corner of a street
Inspiration for the Exterior of Our Home - Alex & Mike
a staircase with red railing and black and white checkered flooring in a house
32 Hall Wall Colour Combination Ideas
a red potted plant sitting in front of a blue building with a black fence
Havant House 53
Havant House 53
a blue two story house with black iron fence and trees on the sidewalk in front of it
Havant House 53
a black door with two windows on the side of a building next to bushes and trees
a yellow door is on the side of a blue building with black steps and windows
some white balls are on the floor in a room with blue walls and marble floors
the stairs are made of wood and have blue painted panels on each side, along with white walls
Klein I
a potted plant sitting on top of a set of stairs next to a window
Un mini pied-à-terre de 19 m² dans l’Île Saint-Louis - Sloft Magazine
L’entrée se fait par un petit escalier, qui annonce la couleur !
a blue book shelf under a staircase in a white room with hardwood floors and walls
Riemser Pharma Offices - Berlin | Office Snapshots
Riemser Pharma
a room with pink decorations hanging on the wall and wood floors in front of it
Inside a Historic Pacific Heights Home That’s Become a Living Art Installation
an open glass door in a room with wood flooring and white walls, green trim on the doors