Make your own floating corner shelves!

How To Make Floating Corner Shelves. Need a carpenter to make me floating corner shelves with a rustic look.

a pretty, organized desk {love the gold accents}

5 Things to Try This Month

Home office inspiration / White walls / Small work area / Creative work space / Gold desk lamp

Sneak Peek: Leah Goren and Dylan Ousley. "My desk is a 1950s steelcase tanker desk that I bought from a friend who was tired of moving it every time he moved. It’s a serious, powerful desk, and is really, really heavy – I also hope I never have to move it again! Dylan has a similar vintage desk in his area but it’s wood, and we found it at Green Village, a used furniture and clothing store near our apartment in Bushwick." #sneakpeek

home office Home Decor Pink arm chair / white interior home office Lovely Design's Studio Space

Mid-century Home Office Inspiration · Workspace Design · Creative Studio · Artist Desk

Saddle Office Chair from west elm in a Brooklyn home work space

Style Girlfriend's Stylish Home Office

Saddle Office Chair from west elm in a Brooklyn home work space. Love with the navy wall

bar vignettes - i like how they use an pretty alcohol bottle as a flower vase


Julia Hoersch Photography

the colour of this table is just too beautiful

Styling a country kitchen will turn the most used room in your house into the most stylish room in the house with only the addition of a few design flourishes.

Ferm Living workspace, stylizimo, home office, concrete, AJ Lamp

Ferm Living_New Hexagon Brass Vase or container, warm muted tones and tactile with it's smooth cool finish, sophisticated style whether you use it as a vase in the kitchen for utensil or in the office or bedroom, we LOVE it!


Display shelves are a great way to introduce character into your home A few of us at RSG have a penchant for collecting - magazines dolls trinkets