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Rhys Robinson
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The fact that TFA Prowl wasn't just a deadly ninja, but a socially-challenged, nature-loving, weirdo ninja, made him pretty d. TFA Prowl: The Quiet Guy

Repin. Always. <3 The CO's Pool by The-Starhorse, haha I love Optimus and Prowl

Some gift art for . Sometimes, Prime actually tells Prowl what. I like sassy_Prime, style. If you want to use this art for any reason, you must ask f. The CO's Pool

Dark Cybertron 2 - Optimus Prime & Hot Rod

Here's the cover from Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye (Dark Cybertron I had a lot of fun with this one! Lines by the epic Casey Coll.

Big ups to www.carinsurance.org for making interesting car-related infographics! Here's the companion piece to the Autobots... More cool infographics please! #infographics #transformers #decepticons

The Transformers are unique. They evolved on another planet to look like cars and trucks. The Decepticons Vehicles takes a look at what the bad guys from the Transformers universe turn into.