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an elf with the text using kindness elves to energige kindness ideas and free printables
Using Kindness Elves to Encourage Kindness {Ideas & Free Printables}
Roundup post with lots of ideas and free printables for using kindness elves to encourage kindness at Christmastime
an elf's christmas list with the words 24 days of elf kindness
Consider Me Inspired
24 Days of Elf Kindness....A list for kids. A deed a day! The meaning in the end is the same and it is the most important message to send your kids. Acts of Kindness make such a powerful impact on kids. It really allows them see that they can make a difference, no matter how old they are.
the 25 ideas for the kindness elves
Kindness Elves: An Alternative Elf on the Shelf Tradition - The Imagination Tree
25 ideas for using the Kindness Elves to promote acts of kindness this Christmas
a christmas poem with snowflakes on it and the words,'the kindness elf '
These Creative Juices: The Kindness Elf