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Aww, Kuroko's blush! XD Kise's adorable here, too... ~w~ though i didn't fully understood it lol

XD Kise's adorable here, too. ~w~ though i didn't fully understood it lol ~ kuroko no basketball

Aomine and Kuroko.

Aomine and Kuroko. I don't really ship kuroko with Aomine, but this is really cute

Love how these two are like siblings in the show :) Satsuki & Aomine from Kuroko no Basket

I don't normally ship straight couples. But this is an adorable exception! Aomine x Momoi (Kuroko no Basket)

Kise: KUROKO-CHII!! We finally did it!; Aomine: Akashi are you seriously crying because of this; Akashi: But I'm so happy;  Kuroko is saying I did it! ; Aomine: Watch out! At least get the landing right too!; Kise: KUROKO-CHII Congratulation! Tomorrow is going to be perfect!; Akashi: Tetsuya finally. *hic For tomorrows game *hic; Murasakibara: don't cry Akachin. Want some snacks?; Haizaki: (wait,wait,wait) What the hell are you planing to do durring tomorrow's game

We finally did it! Aomine: Akashi are you seriously crying…

1on1サンド Aomine×Kuroko×Kise

1on1サンド Aomine×Kuroko×Kise