Francis Bacon. Self-Portrait. 1969.   --I cannot help wondering what put him over the edge (if anything)--some artists are wack, some are just good at digging into what that "wack" must feel like...

Francis Bacon - Self-Portrait, 1969 oil on canvas, x cm private collection

...Miguel Leal

Miguel Leal, his work has been characterized by his sarcastic interpretation of human attitudes and behavior, creating a unique and extravagant universe

Saatchi Art Artist Andy Butler; Drawing, “Girl with blue eyes” #art

Girl with blue eyes Drawing by Andy Butler

Emilio Villalba's Vivid, Dissonant Portraits

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Pliages. Aldo Tolino. #froissé

Discover Austrian artist Aldo Tolino’s creative circular process where sculptural objects are shaped out of folding printed human portraits.