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a basketball player is holding a trophy and posing for a photo with his hands on his hips
JA THE GREATEST MOUNTAIN CLIMBER OF ALL-TIME Ladies and Gentlemen this might already be the greatest point guard weve witnessed. From the ankle breakers to posters..he might be the greatest mountain climber of all time. Imagine how many mountains hes climbed to actually get to where he is now right?! That might be where the FedEx symbol came from..its official now folks -KDot #jamorant #Grizzlies
three basketball players standing next to each other in front of an arena filled with fans
Victor Oladipo makes his Heat debut tonight. Great pickup for the Miami. He brings instant offense which the they need right now. If healthy are the Heat the 2nd best team in the East? -AR3
two men in suits and ties standing next to each other with the caption fire him
Boston Celtics Brad Stevens will get fired at the end of the season. List your top candidates to replace Brad Stevens as the Celtics coach! Mr Smith interviewed Jayson Tatum recently. Stephen A Smith commented that looking from the outside in Brad Stevens is a great coach but cannot get his team fired up. Jayson Tatum did not deny this but took blame along with his teammates for not being professional. He also clearly stated that no one is perfect; we all have faults. Jayson Tatum was diplomat
two basketball players in yellow uniforms and one has his arm around the other's shoulder
CURRY TO THE LAKERS! As we heard rumors about LeBron recruiting Stephen Curry at All Star weekend his agent Jeff Austin reported that the Warriors star already made his choice and will join Los Angeles Lakers with new 4-year deal. James supposedly convinced him by saying he already recruited other all-star to create big four in LeBron Davis Curry and one more player. AT
three men wearing face masks sit in the stands
BREAKING NEWS: Blake Griffin has just announced his retirement from the NBA to pursue his ultimate dream of being a comedian! -CaptainObvious
two basketball players posing for a photo with their balls in hand and one holding the ball
FACT OF THE DAY: In the 1987-1988 season the shortest player and the tallest player in the NBA were on the same team and they were Manute Bol and Mugsy Bogues Manute being 7'7 and Mugsy being 5'3 were at one time teammates on the Washington Bullets Unfortunately the duo never accomplished anything as they were seen more as publicity stunt rather than being a legitimate contender #manutebol #mugsybogues #tipofffact -CaptainObvious
four different basketball players with beards and uniforms
TRUE OR FALSE If James Harden wins a ring this year he'll overtake Dwayne Wade in the all-time shooting guard list #thebeard #NetsNation -CaptainObvious
three different images of men wearing face masks, one in orange and the other in blue
THE RETURN IS NEAR!!! 76ers star Joel Embiid is expected make his return on Saturday against the Timberwolves according to Shams. The Big man has missed the last three weeks with a knee injury and is looking to continue his MVP campaign with the team. Embiid is having his best season yet with averages of 29.9 points 11.5 rebounds 3.3 assists and 1.4 blocks with his team sitting pretty at the top of the eastern conference with a 32-15 record. Is he your pick for MVP or do you think someone e
two different shots of the same basketball player, one in black and one in white
CLIPPERS PLAN TO SIGN COUSINS The Los Angeles Clippers plan to sign center DeMarcus Cousins pending clearance of NBA health and safety protocols multiple sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. The arms race continues as the contenders load up for the playoffs. Does Cousins have enough left to be a factor for the Clippers? -BillyHoyle
three different basketball players with their mouths open
TRUE OR FALSE Kevin Garnett is better overall than Dirk Nowitzki but people just like Dirk more #thebigticket #germanjesus -CaptainObvious
an old black and white photo of basketball players
FACT OF THE DAY: If Wilt Chamberlain only played one season and retired after his rookie year he would still have ...14 all-time NBA records which is still the most in NBA history! Talk about the most dominant rookie ever! #rookieoftheyear #wiltthestilt #tipofffact -CaptainObvious
the best records by nba champs
MJs Bulls in the top 2 spots in NBA history. 3 in the top 6. Ironically also MJ is the only player who lost to one of the other teams on this list. -AR3
the same basketball player is pointing to his left hand and another person has their right hand up
TRUE OR FALSE This season Jimmy Butler is more valuable to the Miami Heat than LeBron James is to the Los Angeles Lakers #JimmyBuckets #heatnation -CaptainObvious
two basketball players in action on the court
FACT OF THE DAY: In December 17 2006 Gilbert Arenas dropped 60 points and set the NBA record for most points in an OT in a regular season game ... with 16 pts He did this against a prime Kobe Bryant too who himself finished with 45 points Luckily for Gilbert the Washington Wizards got the win against the Los Angeles Lakers 147-141. Prime Agent Zero was a beast #AgentZero #wizardsnation #tipofffact -CaptainObvious
a basketball player is standing on the court with his hands in his pockets and looking down
SHEESH Dennis Schröder reportedly rejected a 4 year $84M extension from the Los Angeles Lakers. Your thoughts? -wizbrooK