Leaf Symmetry Drawings- love this idea as an art/science/fall decorations lesson!

Leaf Symmetry Drawings- love this idea as an art/science/fall decorations lesson! Science: teaches students the different types of trees and leaves.

Peaceful Parenting: We're back! Update on Math Learning and Activities!

Outdoor Maths: Pink and Blue Milestones. Use chalk to count and sort items found outdoors.

It's good for children to compare their height with other things - why not animals?!

Toddlers, preschoolers, tweens, and adults can measure themselves and see which animal is the same height as them, and also read facts about the animal! Great to use when you read "Actual Size" by Steve Jenkins.

Messy Maths area via Lucas Training and Consultancy (LTCL) ≈

This is a GREAT idea. Math has ya own section outside and it's titled " messy maths " which is creative!

sorting rocks-light-medium-heavy and orange, white, gray and brown. Extend with: comparisons: bigger than, heavier than, musch smaller than and use the > < symbols to compare while weighing or balancing

Use loose, natural materials both indoors and outside to teach classifying skills.

Symmetry and Pattern making with natural materials

Symmetrical Pattern Making with Natural Materials

objective: children make patters with natural objects foundation: Show interest in visual/auditory/tactile patterns.

Line Designs and Loose Parts from Rachel (",)

Lots of Lines

Number shadows

I usually hate these foamy number/letter pads but this is a cool idea! Shadow jump on numbers

Rainbow Maths Sticks {from Creative Star} @Pinterest Creative STAR Learning Company

Juliet's Rainbow Maths Sticks from "I'm a teacher, get me outside here" - brilliant idea and so simple - use for pickup sticks, dominoes, shape making, etc.