Frederika by Manfred Mahringer, via 500px

Frederika by Manfred Mahringer

Stare by Michelle Joyce, via 500px

Stare by Michelle Joyce

RichardBernardinPlease Bourgeoisie10

Richard Bernard in Please Bourgeoisie 10 If I had a table that large, I would totally lay across it too.

RichardBernardinPlease Bourgeoisie19

Richard Bernardin is a fashion, advertising and portrait photographer who shoots editorial for various international magazines such as Elle, Bazaar and Vogue and advertising campaigns for leading fashion and luxury brands.

“I looked and looked at her, and I knew, as clearly as I know that I will die, that I loved her more than anything I had ever seen or imagined on earth. She could fade and wither - I didn’t care. I would still go mad with tenderness at the mere sight of her face.” - Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita

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