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Rich Lord
West Yorkshire, England / Author, blogger and multi distance runner. Day job - Business Manager, also Prince 2 qualified. Likes: WordPress, Shopify, Trello, Pocket, Garmin and parkrun.
Rich Lord
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Article on my blog called 'It's good to share, help spread the happiness' -

Malcolm Gladwell has to be one of the most thought leading author I know. His book, The Tipping Point, is well worth reading. He yet again presents a wealth of evidence from a range of disparate sources to form a coherent argument about one idea.

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Items similar to Inspirational Quote - Spray Paint Stencil on Canvas (I'm not telling you it's going to be easy) on Etsy

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Ten days from now on March, I turn Whilst the old adage (pun intended) is that ‘age is.

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A new study reveals that only of friends with benefits end in relationships, reaffirming that sex and emotions cannot be separated.

Article on my blog - 'Taking all enjoyment out of supporting a team' -

Fan: (noun) – A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular person or thing.

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Wayne Rooney, when he takes to the pitch today to captain the England side against Slovakia in their World Cup.

Article on my blog called 'Rafa Benitez and Dr Richard Beeching' -

The Beeching report - The Reshaping of British Railways - has been criticised for 50 years after one third of the UK rail network was axed.

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What do you know about the toilet names Crapper and John ? If you missed the posting for the Third Week in Novembe r, you probably have not.

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New article on the Run Leeds website - RichLord .