Mark Bradford transforms materials scavenged from the street into wall-sized collages and installations that respond to the impromptu networks - underground economies, migrant communities, or popular appropriation of abandoned public space - that emerge within a city.

Mark Bradford Kryptonite, 2006 Mixed media,collage on paper 249 x 301 cm

1901 U.S. Geological Survey of Chicago, IL. Navigation, Both Thematic and General Reference, Both Visualization and Instrument.

Several improvements in technology helped Europeans conquer the vast oceans of the world. Cartographers, or mapmakers, created more accurate maps and sea charts, like this one right here.

Too many people we used to know ... they hate us we hate them for that... its time to fix the image

A crowd of people, England, 1954 // photo by © Marc Riboud

John F. Kennedy a face in the crowd at a college football game in Miami…

John F. Kennedy a face in the crowd at a college football game in Miami, Florida, 1961 — © Flip Schulke

New York Subway  by Ralph Crane

Ralph Crane—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Commuters crowd a train during rush hour on Manhattan's IRT subway in January 1970


"PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHICS" Architecture & Graphic design: I like the contrast of color + black/white, and the use of drawing over an image.

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