Self Portrait, 1927, by Walker Evans

Walker Evans, 1927 Gelatin Silver print “In the absence of firm knowledge as to the artist’s intention in making this self-portrait, one might hypothesize that Evans was testing the shutter speed of his camera, portraying himself as a damned soul in.

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman "Untitled" The motion blur and black and white elements of this portrait give it a relatable quality.

Baltimore Slums, 1938

Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real [36 pictures]

Biker Gangs

The biker jacket

Spelling Father by stillmotion. An original piece written and spoken by Marshall Davis Jones.

Watch This Guy Misspell 'Father' At A Spelling Bee For A Beautiful Reason. An original piece written and spoken by Marshall Davis Jones. Shot on the Red Epic and Scarlet with Canon Cinema Primes.


The biker jacket

Danny Lyon, Sparky and Cowboy (Gary Rogues), Schererville, Indiana, 1965 Copyright Danny Lyon/Magnum Photos. Courtesy of the artist and Edwynn Houk Gallery

Fashion trend in knitwear, camouflage

Christopher Raeburn on camouflage

the futurist manifesto by f. t. marinetti (1909)   8. We are on the extreme promontory of the centuries! What is the use of looking behind at the moment when we must open the mysterious shutters of the impossible? Time and Space died yesterday. We are already living in the absolute, since we have already created eternal, omnipresent speed.

Italian Futurism Manifesto (which was published for the first time on the French newspaper "Le Figaro").

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