If you have boxes of leftover kaju katli, here's a genius recipe. Combine them with rabri and cream cheese and voila! You've got a cheesecake. The preparation method is as easy as they come and you will be mighty pleased for putting those leftovers to remarkably delicious use.

Diwali sweets recipes: Kaju Katli And Rabri Cheese Cake

Talking about sex with our man is something that we avoid either because we feel uncomfortable or we don't feel the need to discuss our bedroom antics. Well, that's where you are wrong. Not talking about what turns you on is one of the many problems that lead to a bad sex life. Here is a list of 12 things that you need to stop doing in order to spice up the action between the sheets. Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/Getty image/ShutterstockDon't Miss! 10 Things Every Woman Should ...

This article talks about the 12 habits that women indulge in which leads to a bad sex life. It also provides tips on improving sex life.

For some, the festive season is as exciting as it gets while for others, it is stressful having to organise gifts and envelopes for everyone, from the watchman to the helper to each child. Then there are the rituals and treats, the cleaning and shopping, and all that added expense!

How to Enhance your Family Relationships this Diwali

Snap out of the boring 'wife' tag and rekindle the spark in your marriage. Here are 15 ways to spice up your relationship and be his girlfriend all over again. Image courtesy: ©Thinkstock photos/Getty image/ShutterstockDont Miss! 20 Easy Ways to Reignite That Spark in Your Relationship

5 Mistakes Of Gift Giving in Different Stages Of The Relationship, Gift giving has been a practice between men and women in relationships sin

Since the festival of lights is here, let's not leave any stones unturned to make the most of the moment and celebrate our hearts out. If you haven't found the right attire to make your little boy look like a prince, here are 10 fancy clothes that will set the festive mood rolling. Take a look at these cutesy ethnic outfits for little boys. Don't Miss! 15 Trendy Diwali Outfits for Li'l Fashionistas

This article talks about where to buy ethnic, festive clothes for little boys on the occasion of Diwali.

The spirit of Diwali is everywhere and B-townies are on a festive roll. We spotted quite a few Bollywood actresses showing of their festive style at media events, film launches and fashion weeks. Take a look and be sure to tell us who makes it to your uber hot list.Image Courtesy: BCCL, IANS Don't Miss! B-Townies Who Desperately Need a Stylist

We spotted quite a few Bollywood actresses showing of their festive style at media events, film launches and fashion weeks.

Does the lion need to be told it has an imposing personality, that he is fearsome and is basically the ‘King of the Jungle'?! No, maybe not. Men may not crave for compliments but that doesn't mean that they don't care about them at all. Every once in a while even they would like to get their ego massaged, to feel appreciated and basically to reaffirm that they're the ‘King of YOUR World'. Here are 10 compliments men love to hear! Image courtesy: Shutterstock Don't Miss! 15 Ways ...

This article is about 10 compliments men love to hear. These include praising his strength, his moves in bed, his sense of humour and others.