Marshmallow 'Sparklers' for Bonfire Night wedding

Marshmallow 'Sparklers' to sell at your PTA/PTO Bonfire Night party / Firework display.

Fireworks Craft for Kids {Patriotic Activities}

DIY Cupcake Holders

Bonfire night crafts - Netmums

With bonfire night on the horizon, why not give these Firework print paintings a go. Just twist some pipe cleaners together, dip and paint!

How to Make Fireworks in a Bottle - from No Twiddle Twaddle (",)

How to Make Fireworks in a Bottle (no explosives included)

Fireman Sam's top safety tips for Bonfire Night

Bonfire night: Fireman Sam’s Top 10 Safety Tips For Bonfire Night

Firework splatts - mark making activity for November 5th - bonfire night - Guy Fawkes

Messy paint activity for November Guy Fawkes, bonfire and firework night

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