Color Changing Carnations. A visually appealing Science activity. Also a great way for kids to learn how water is absorbed by plants and how it travels through the different parts of a flower.

Love this classic color changing flower experiment for kids! White carnations or daisies with food color. Water will soak up and color flowers. Learn how flowers "drink" water

Growing avocado from seed or pit is fun and easy to do. Here is how you can grow your very own avocado tree from seed. Also learn some tips on how to take care of your avocado tree.

I want to try this - How to Grow Avocado from Seed or Pit - I did this when I lived in Maryland - the tree grew to about 6 feet tall, but randomly died. Now i'm in NC - and going to give it another whirl!

Looking to introduce your kids to more science? Try this super EASY & quick experiment!

How Do Leaves Breathe? A Simple Science Experiment for Kids

How does a leaf breathe - STEM activity for kids. Great idea for the backyard & easy science experiment to do in a classroom too!

Themed poems - seeds and plants - A selection of themed poems on the topic of seeds, growth, plants and planting.

April poem-Themed poems - seeds and plants - A selection of themed poems on the topic of seeds, growth, plants and planting.

Next time you make guacamole, think twice before you toss that avocado pit. Its a seed after all, which you can use to grow an entirely new avocado plant. It w

How to grow avocado plant from seed? Grow avocado from seed. How to grow avocado tree from an avocado pit. Time to grow avocado tree.

Flower Garden Play Dough Invitation for Kids

Flower Play Dough Invitation

Invite kids to create their own little gardens with this simple flower play dough invitation.

I'm going to do this with my rainbows, first learn about plants then do this style of thing as a big group on a big scale!

Lees Kindergarten: cute spring and plant unit would go along with an activity about how flowers grow. Also, this matches a book that was added in on our Unit plan already. Art and science activity!

Make ice play and water play beautiful with this gorgeous activity for kids! Freeze flowers and let kids explore them as the ice melts. - Crafts on Sea

Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play - super easy to prepare for a hot summer day!

Carnation Rainbow - this site has lots of good ideas to help kids learn how plants grow.

We are growing a Rainbow. Plants Theme Unit Teaching Ideas and Activities