lace wedding nails- a pretty alternative to french, subtle and delicate

Top 10 Nail Art Ideas that you will Love

As the lace trend is being so hot this season, and then why not try them on our nails? It will look wonderful when adding a lace pattern to your nail designs. Today, I’ll show you 17 delicate lace nail ideas to give y.

Might have to try this - Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that you can have really cute designs shine on your wall at night.. How adorable for a child's room

Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that the design will cast on your wall at night. How adorable for a child's room -- Even let child design their own lightbulb and watch their art project on the wall!

DIY Beach wine glass candle holders!

- large wine glasses - tea light inserts - tea lights - sand - seashells First fill the glass about full with sand. Arrange the seashells onto the sand as you please. Place the tea light in the insert and then hang on to the glass rim.

Fuschia campaign dresser

Society Social Manifesto Magalog II

leopard print chair and magenta dresser. since I already have the leopard print chair.

so beautiful

Because my future hubby will most likely not be Donald Trump. I would settle with this simple diamond with a pretty band! It's different. Dear future Husband I need this ring!

Wrapping Paper Storage

Organizing gift wrap - Plastic bag holder from Ikea. I always strugle with organizing gift wrap, this is such a great idea. Ikea, here i come.lucky for me it is only a 10 minutes drive.


Technicolour Tub Chair Designed by Ray Clarke Upholstery- African patchwork wax block print fabrics.

'in Paris' #paris #red #umbrella

Kal Gajoum - Rainy day in Paris, sky looks good and the grey-ness is very nice, the street looks wet and puddly and the red umbrella stands out well

Leo Burnett Office | Design: Ministry of Design

Leo Burnett Office by Singapore designers Ministry of Design who have completed an office interior for an advertising agency that features a drawing of the company’s founder spread across the walls and floor, wielding a scaled-up model of a pencil.


designer clothing, luxury gifts and fashion accessories

Only the best shoe for a bride wearing lace ivory dress =) HARRIET WILDE Exclusive Sakura Satin Peep Toe

Tom Ford RTW Spring 2014 [Courtesy Photo]

Spring 2014 Accessories: London

Shoe Addiction // Tom Ford RTW Spring 2014 [Courtesy Photo] black and gold.

These beautiful DIY Frosted Glass Jar Luminaries look great during at night and during the day

Easy DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries

The wonderful thing about these DIY Frosted Glass Jam Jar Luminaries is that they look beautiful no matter what time of day it is.