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Shield patterns for Saxon / Vikings?

Thinking about doing a viking designed postcard incorporating viking motifs. Maybe a circular shield postcard?


This Door Is 909 Years Old - Built By The Hand Of Viking Craftsman In 1100 AD. Crafting was one of the past times for the vikings, one amazing craft by a viking was this door that survived through the years.

#19# <3 Rising early, Zavier's thirst for the hunt drove him deep into the woods of Serenity hunting for deer. His primal instincts now in overdrive, he stalked a huge buck. Within the mist of the early morning, he released the arrow from his bow. The arrow silently, swiftly pierced the buck's heart. His death was instant. Smiling too himself, he lifted the huge buck, tossing him over his shoulders. It was a good kill. It was time to return to the village to claim his prize. <3

Fyrddin leaned over the wall to look below and a Viking came into view. He released the pole and jumped backward as the huge blade of an axe swung under his chin.

Words to live by

'Vikings' Season 3 Spoilers: The Future Of Rollo & Gisla Teased, Clive Standen & Morgane Polanski Talk Romance [VIDEO]

Viking Trelleborg.  With increasing christian agression, more and more settlements had to be converted into such heavily guarded Fortresses

Viking Trelleborg dating from 950 to 1000 CE. With increasing Christian agression, more settlements had to be converted into such heavily guarded Ring Fortresses.