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a bear with its mouth open, surrounded by other animals and decorations on the wall
a drawing of a fox's face on a black background
various logos and emblems for different types of animals, including pigs, bears, and other
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Typography Mania #221 | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
a bear standing on top of a rock next to a bird flying over it's head
the black bones club logo with an image of a deer's head and wreath
Black Bones Club
Black Bones Club on Behance
a black and white drawing of a bear wearing a plaid shirt
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Inspiring Illustrations by Yeaaah! Studio | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration
a large collection of different type of typograms on a blackboard with white lettering
Typography | Logo 2012-2015
Typography | Logo 2012-2015 on Behance
a close up of a bottle of beer on a white background with the words karhu above it
Olvi Cider - DIELINE
some type of calligraphy written in different styles and font types, including the letters
a selection of graphic projects
some type of font and numbers on a black background
Brilant Typeface by Ilham Herry, via Behance
two bottles of wine with labels on them
Like how much it looks like whiskey. Bet it sells well. Really strong and masculine. That being said, it's also a little boring since it fits every stereotype of whiskey labeling. They probably used a Whiskey Font. Regardless, it's a beautiful package.
several different types of advertising stickers on a white background with words that say,
AIGA Design Archives
Fossil Tins from The Cover Show collection (1994) by Charles S. Anderson Design Company