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A French ship of the 17th century - La Sirene

A French ship of the century - La Sirène 1702 La Sirène 60 (lancé en…

Left Mitten, Monument Valley; photo by Dave Mills

Left Mitten Monument Valley, Colorado Plateau - Arizona/Utah State Line, US Photograph - Dave Mills

Incredibly beautiful and fascinating, and a perfect place to meditate, too.  West Mitten - Monument Valley, Arizona

✯ West Mitten - Monument Valley, Arizona We stayed here and drove around the mittens!


Monument Valley, Utah, USA contains a super impressive group of Insulbergs; erosional remnants of the Genesis Flood of Noah, as the waters drained from the earth. The flood water covered all the high hills to at least deep.




abu sara originally shared to Amazing Places to See (Beautiful Earth): bolgheri-tuscany-italy driven this road too many times and i never get tired of it.