Things Only Book Lovers Will Understand

17 Secrets Only Book Lovers Are In On

Addicted to reading? Here are 17 things only book lovers will understand. See if you can relate to these simple book truths!

'Pods' (2010) by Spanish artist Mariann Johansen-Ellis. linocut. via artcanbefun on Etsy.

Pods a colour linocut by Mariann Johansen-Ellis

'Pods' by Spanish artist Mariann Johansen-Ellis. via artcanbefun…

"Leaping Hare" by Ian MacCulloch (woodcut)  Just love the fields and the colours

“Fabulous colour & style 'Leaping Hare' woodcut print by UK artist Ian MacCulloch

Still-life with fruits and wine bottle - linoleum cut print, 1992 Jorge Luis Somarriba

This still-life composition was a great subject to return to producing an image in black and white and maximizing the use of light and shadows to establish .

Ian MacCulloch - Roosting starlings

**Ian MacCulloch : Roosting Starlings looks like a wood cut

Walberswick, Diana Ashdown - CultureLabel - 1

Walberswick, Diana Ashdown

A hand-produced original linocut by Diana Ashdown. The image shows beach huts at the seaside in Walberswick, Suffolk.